A Big Thankyou to Red Horse Fuels Oil Delivery Oxhill

We woke up on Wednesday morning to a freezing cold house.

I went downstairs to check the boiler found it wasn’t working, and a quick check of the oil tank revealed the worst, we had run out of oil 🙁

I phoned Red Horse fuels just after 8:00 AM to order some more and see if they had an emergency service to be told this cold snap has resulted in a lot of people being in a similar position and that they wouldn’t be able to deliver before Easter and realistically I was looking at Friday 5th April.

I was resigned to having a cold week, got a big roaring fire going and trundled in to Shipston to buy some oil filled radiators.

Despite having the fire burning well and 3 little oil filled radiators scattered around the house we had a cold, cold night.

Next morning I went out fetching firewood and more coal got back home about midday to find our oil had been delivered 🙂

Red Horse Fuels obviously new we were in a tricky situation and had managed to slip in a delivery to us.

I like to think that the fact I always give the delivery drivers a cup of tea, biscuits and have a chat with them made a difference, but whether it did or not a great big thankyou to Red Horse for the quick delivery and helping me out 🙂

Terry Simmonds

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