Cherington, Stourton and Sutton-under-Brailes


The website was registered and set up by Terry Simmonds on 1st February 2009

It was initially set up as a blog to post personal rambling, opinions, articles and news about events happening within the villages throughout the years.

Sections of the website were later created with the intention that other members of the 3 villages could contribute news, articles, photos, information, about events, opinions and general gossip but unfortunately the interaction has been virtually non existent with less than a handful of people ever contributing anything.

Over the past 4 years I have tried to keep it updated by writing about things I read on the village noticeboards, using extracts from the Link, extracts from fliers and newsletters and with kind contributions from the Brick (Annie), The Village Lottery (Alan) and Local photographs used by kind permission of David – Thank you all and to anyone else who has made contributions.

This is a thankless task as the website has rarely been used over the years.

As of today 23/03/13 the website is being reverted back to its original use, a site I will use for my personal ramblings, a diary of events in the villages and a place local people can use to provide information and post opinions.

The site is open to anyone else local who wants to use it with just a few provisos;

  • No anonymous posts – You must be prepared to be identified as the author.

To make a post on this website please see this page

Please Note: all posts and comments will be made publicly available and display the authors name.