The website for the 3 villages of Cherington, Stourton and Sutton under BrailesĀ has been running for over 3 years now but still receives very few contributions from the various committees, work groups, event organisers, village residents, etc.

I believe this is primarily because of the lack of knowledge of sending information.

If you would like to contribute anything, it is as simple as just sending an email to if you do not know how to send an email please ring me on 01608 685039

The villages website in 2012

The village website will be updated far more regularly in 2012 and it would be nice if the whole website was more pleasing to the eye.

To do this I need photos, drawings, etc. of the villages to go in posts, if you have any photos of the villages please email them so I can create an image bank to use within posts on the website

This site will only ever be as good as the residents make it.