If you are interested in joining one the many clay pigeon shooting organisations in the UK, you might like to start by looking at the site of the governing body for the sport – the Clay Pigeon Shooting Association at http://www.cpsa.co.uk. Throughout the UK you can find numerous shooting clubs, regional clay pigeon shooting organisations and local gun clubs, so a visit to the site covering your local area should help you find a club that fits your needs.

It’s becoming much more common these days to see so called experience websites entering the clay scene and one such site is Intotheblue who offer clay pigeon shooting throughout the country which effectively offers a one stop shop for not only clay shooting but also other unrelated activities.

Throughout the home counties and extending to the north of the UK, there are a host of shooting associations and clay pigeon organisations that will allow you to participate in the sport wherever your location. The most inclusive source of information for this is the CPSA website.  If you live in or around London, then you might like to consider the CSPA registered West London Shooting School – find out more online at http://www.shootingschool.co.uk/.

If you live in Scotland and would like to know about clay pigeon shooting organisations in your local area, then the first place you might like to look is the on the website for the Scottish Clay Target Association website at www.scta.co.uk

In Wales there are many local clubs that you can attend for clay pigeon shooting, and there is also a regional office for The British Association for Shooting and Conservation, which can be visited online at http://www.basc.org.uk.

If you are living in or visiting Northern Ireland, then you can find a list of clay pigeon shooting organisations in your local area at http://www.outdoorni.com. This includes a range of clubs, so you can find a quality organisation with which to participate in a shoot.

Britain has a range of clay pigeon shooting organisations. If you love outdoor activities, then you will be sure to find somewhere with quality shoots and pleasant surroundings in which to have an enjoyable shooting experience.