Wine Cabinets For Restaurants

When your restaurant wine collection demands to take centre stage, put it in the spotlight with our unique Wine Wall restaurant wine cabinet.

Exclusive to Wine Storage Solutions, this commanding-yet-elegant design turns a wall of your restaurant into the ultimate wine display cabinet, drawing eyes with a stylish glass front, built-in illumination and your choice of either solid oak wine rack format or standard racking.

Restaurant Wine Cabinet

The Wine Wall – Solid Oak Racking

The Wine Wall with solid oak racking is shown with a mixture of wine cubes, individual bottle racks and sliding case racks. Any shelving combination can be accommodated and the individual bottle racks and cubes can be supplied in double-depth format to increase wine storage capacity.

Wine Display Cabinets For Restaurants

The Wine Wall – Standard Racking

Sliding shelf: 11 bottles lying horizontally
Sliding Champagne shelf: 9 bottles lying horizontally
Sliding display shelf: 6 bottles inclined at front, 9 stacked at the rear
Sliding Champagne display shelf: 5 bottles inclined at front, 7 stacked at the rear

Not only a flagship feature for any luxury location, the Wine Wall is also a heavyweight option for wine storage, with temperature control performed via the cooling unit concealed behind a decorative screen – Wine Cabinets for Restaurants